Five things to look out for at National Summit 2016

Five things to look out for at National Summit 2016 back to list

02 November 2016

The ukactive National Summit 2016, the leading political event for the physical activity and health sector, will take place at Westminster’s Queen Elizabeth II Centre on 9 November. Co-ordinated by ukactive alongside headline event partners milon and GymPass, this year’s event boasts its widest and most impressive combination of keynote speakers, and breakout sessions yet. Alongside these, this year’s Summit also represents an unprecedented networking opportunity; attendance includes delegates from Nuffield Health, GLL, Places for People Leisure, Everyone Active and Water Babies. Here, we will take you through just a few of the many fantastic sessions in store for attendees at National Summit 2016.

1) Keynote Speech delivered by Simon Stevens, NHS England CEO

When talking about the health agenda, there are few more authoritative a voice than Simons Stevens. The CEO of NHS England is expected to discuss the future of the health service and the important role of prevention in helping to shape it. Mr Stevens has taken the lead on this theme including unveiling a £600m national incentive fund to help frontline NHS staff stay fighting fit through a range of physical activity and healthy eating offerings. This keynote has proved to be the headline feature for the National Summit, and that is of little surprise, Mr Stevens is a key figure in the sphere of British health, and his keynote is likely to be highly illuminating.

2) Breakout Session- Workplace Wellness: A Forward View

Workplace wellness is now firmly on the physical activity agenda, as we finally recognise the negative effects an ineffective and sedentary workplace culture holds; it is estimated that £30 billion – around 3% of the UK’s GDP – is lost annually due to workplace ill-health and injury. Coupled with findings published in the Lancet, the evidence is clear; current workplace trends are killing us. This panel discussion could not be more timely, and the appearance of Marcus Hunt from Unilever demonstrates the fact that major employers are starting to take notice. The discussion will also talk about employee happiness and mental health, with Paul Farmer, Chief Executive of Mind, on the panel providing expert insight. The panel will explore how we can produce a healthier, happier and by extension more productive workforce.

3) Breakout Session- Parks: A Forward View

In light of the report State of UK Parks, by the Heritage Lottery Fund, as well as the recent DCLG Select Committee discussion on the future of British parks, this also couldn’t be a more topical discussion. The panel itself is made up of a veritable who’s who of insights into parks. They include Ros Kerslake, the Chief Executive of the Heritage of the Lottery Fund, as well as Mark Camley, Chief Executive of the Parks Alliance. An interesting line of discussion will centre on the role of public and private enterprises in the use of parks, particularly given the budgetary pressures on local authorities to cut spending on park maintenance and development. The presence of the Founder of Parkrun, Paul Sinton-Hewitt, and the Chief Executive of Green Gym, Craig Lister, means we can hear from two organisations already working at the grassroots to make best use of our parks.

4) Breakout Session- Children and Young People: A Forward View

Another breakout session that is sure to be a major hit with attendees focuses on children. There have been some big developments in this area in the past year, particularly the announcement of the sugar levy, of which £160 million of revenue is earmarked to double the PE budget for schools. This, in a nation where the majority of children do not meet the guideline of 60 mins of physical activity a day, of which 30 minutes is expected outside of school. The panel will discuss methods of increasing physical activity outside of school hours as well as in schools, particularly at helping provide physical activity opportunities to families that find it less than affordable in most cases.  The future of our society depends on reducing child obesity rates and getting young people into the habits of a healthy lifestyle, so this is sure to be a very interesting and vitally important discussion.

5) Discussion- The Doctor Who Gave Up Drugs: reflections on the preventative agenda

Finally, a must see is the star-studded session featuring Professor Muir Gray and Dr Chris van Tulleken, in discussion with  Professor Greg Whyte, the Ukactive Scientific Advisory Board Chair and renowned sports scientist. Professor Gray was the first Chief Knowledge Officer at the NHS, and a public health consultant, so look forward to hearing a real in depth analysis of the preventative agenda. Chris van Tulleken is a doctor and TV Presenter, whose ground-breaking social experiment in GP services aired as a documentary on the BBC, entitled The Doctor Who Gave up Drugs. The two-part documentary, also featuring Professor Gray, took a fascinating look at how we as a nation might be overmedicating; painkiller prescriptions have increased by 25% over the last five years, despite research showing that such tablets only work around 50% of the time. Expect stimulating reflections on the documentary, and thoughts on how the health service can move forward.

Tickets for the event are selling out fast, and the deadline is fast approaching. The remaining allocation can be purchased by clicking here.

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