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Bangs speaking at Sweat from ukactive on Vimeo.

ELLE Magazine fitness columnist and BoomCycle head instructor Bangs shared her views on building an authentic fitness brand at Sweat, ukactive’s new boutique fitness event, on 2nd March. Bangs, aka Muireann Carey-Campbell, denounced what she termed ‘fad fitness’, in an impassioned speech shedding light on the issues of perception surrounding health and fitness in today’s society. She urged operators to encourage clients to stay active for the right reasons; not just for beach selfies and a slim waist, but for the love of the exercise and the good feeling it confers.

Bangs spoke as a panellist in a discussion entitled ‘Building Consumer Love Money Can’t Buy’. The all-star panel included Barry’s Bootcamp London Co-owner Sandy Macaskill, James Poole from Running Heroes and Fitness journalist Lucy Fry.

The panel session touched on how best to create brand loyalty through an authentic customer experience in the realms of the boutique fitness industry. Authenticity was the key word here; all four panellists agreed that sticking to your own key values, not getting distracted by your competition, and developing trust with your customers will naturally build a successful brand and a loyal customer base. Sandy warned budding boutique operators to follow their fitness passion; advising that if others are looking for inspiration from him “they are already starting in the wrong place”.

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