What topics will leaders be studying?

These are the key themes being studied during the week at IESE:

*        Global Trends and Digitalisation

Reviewing the main digital, technology trends affecting businesses today and develop a set of concepts, frameworks and tools to better understand how the health and activity sector can foster digital capabilities and turn them into competitive advantage for your business.

*        Leading through Uncertainty

Approaches for problem solving and decision making in complex business situations. Learning how to face and manage risks and successfully manage organisational and transformational change.

*        Operational Excellence and Efficiency

Gaining an understanding of business operations. Learn tools to improve agility, coordination and ability to manage change in order to become more efficient and the productive, streamlining operations activities.

*        Customer Centricity

Understanding the principles of customer centricity and how organisations are winning in competitive markets by focusing on customer loyalty, customer satisfaction and lifetime value creation. Learning the strategies and tools to find, attract, serve and retain valued and loyal customers.

*        Personal Leadership and Team Management

Reflecting on your personal leadership style and improve self-management to become a more effective leader. Understanding different types of leadership and key building blocks to become a good leader.


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