ukactive member launches gym etiquette guide

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11 December 2012

ukactive members Nuffield Health have launched a campaign to build awareness of gym etiquette, producing the Guide to Fitness Etiquette in response to what they believe to be low standards of hygiene in communal fitness areas.

The research has been covered in the following publications today: Daily Mail, Huffington Post, The Mirror, Express

As we enter the ‘cold and flu season' Nuffield Health are concerned that poor etiquette can increase the spread of germs and ultimately put the health of gym users at risk. According to their research, 74 per cent of adults have witnessed bad fitness etiquette, with 22 per cent having been put off exercise altogether as a result.

As the health of the nation moves up the political agenda, backed by a growing body of research detailing the risks of physical inactivity, it is more important than ever to ensure that people are not put off regular exercise. By making users aware of their behaviour, coupled with a strong hygiene policy among fitness operators it is possible to create an environment that will keep people wanting to work out.

David Stalker, CEO of ukactive said: "We welcome this proactive approach from Nuffield to encouraging appropriate behaviour and personal hygiene amongst gym members. ukactive members are committed to a stringent set of hygiene criteria to minimise the risk of infection to their members and ensure that using their facility is an enjoyable experience."

Click below to read our gym hygiene FAQs.

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