New study suggests three minutes of exercise a week can have a huge impact on fitness levels

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02 January 2013

Scientists advocate a fitness regime involving 30-second bursts of activity. They claim shorter regimes have same health impact as longer exercise.

Scientists at the universities of Nottingham, Birmingham and Bath say the secret is to commit yourself to three short bursts of highly intense exercise for 30 seconds each, with short rest periods between, in less than five minutes. They claim this regime could deliver the same health and weight-loss benefits of hours of lengthy, conventional regimes.

The guideline allowance for physical activity is set at 150 minutes per week, but more than 60 per cent of men and 70 per cent of women admit that they don't manage that. Lack of time is our most common excuse. As a result, millions of Britons suffer early death and unnecessary disability due to lifestyle illnesses such as diabetes and heart disease.

The ongoing study is led by leading exercise expert Jamie Timmons, a professor of systems biology. The team call their system High Intensity Impact Training (HIIT). He states, ‘The truthful answer is we do not fully understand this,' says Professor Timmons. ‘But a growing body of independent research shows this is the case and that the textbook explanation of the science of exercise requires revision.'

Click here to read the full Daily Mail article.

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