Future Fit Training joins ukactive to identify what “quality exercise professionals” look like

Future Fit Training joins ukactive to identify what “quality exercise professionals” look like back to list

15 September 2014

Future Fit is one of the largest training providers within the health and fitness industry with a long established track record of offering quality training across three specialised schools of Personal Training, Pilates and Nutrition.

The Activity sector is undergoing significant change, with opportunities ranging from the increasing commissioning of physical activity counselling services by local authorities, to the development of virtual group exercise classes, the provision of e-learning resources and many more, all of which challenge the traditional role of exercise professionals in the sector.

Working with ukactive, Future Fit will be gauging employer and learner opinion on the methods of training, assessment, content and future job roles, with a view to investigating how training providers can better ensure exercise professionals are able to keep up with the ever changing business models within the sector.

Rob Johnson, CEO of Future Fit Training said “We welcome the opportunity to lead this important discussion and work with ukactive and employers to ensure the quality of exercise professionals going forward”.

The plan sees Future Fit join the ukactive Vanguard Group which is a network of over 30 activity providers and brands, all of whom receive a combination of access to events, research and tailored support from ukactive.

Commenting on the announcement, ukactive CEO, David Stalker stated “For years exercise professionals have been the bedrock of the sector and it is now a crucial time to ensure they are mapping out their future role for years to come. There are numerous changes afoot in the sector which means that businesses could look very different in five years’ time; however I suspect that our ability to reach our potential still relies in part on the ability of our professionals.

I look forward to working with Future Fit Training in trying to understand and communicate what a quality exercise professional will look like in years to come”

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