Compass & ukactive plot a shared future

Compass & ukactive plot a shared future back to list

17 September 2014

Compass was formed in 2011 and represents providers delivering curriculum and non-curriculum school sport & activity in over 7,000 schools & communities. Compass is committed to ensuring every child has the opportunity to lead an active and healthy lifestyle.

Following three years of progress during which time Compass has developed a kite mark for all members and reviewed qualifications for children delivering activity coaching to children, the Board has now announced its ambition to work with ukactive.

Over the next six months ukactive will review Compass' mission, vision, programmes and key member benefits. ukactive will oversee the operation of the organisation and will immediately offer all Compass members weekly monitoring reports and an events programme for the remainder of 2014.

Additionally, ukactive will work with the Compass Board members to build numerous new member benefits such as a benchmarking service, awards programme, quality assurance programme and research service.

In early 2015 ukactive and Compass will outline their joint plan which could potentially culminate in Compass integrating with ukactive.

Following the resignation of former Compass CEO, Martin Gallagher, the Compass Board, led by Dean Horridge, will continue to govern the organisation.

Commenting on behalf of Compass, Dean Horridge said: "We are delighted to be working with ukactive to identify a clear future for Compass and in the process strengthen the benefits package and support for our members.

Children's activity is at a crucial juncture as levels of inactivity continue to rise and despite the progress achieved over the last three years. We must now put in place a clear strategy to unlock the potential of the thousands of holiday camps, after school clubs, Saturday morning providers in parks up and down the country to work to joint goal of ensuring every child has the opportunity to lead an active and heathy lifestyle.

This review will improve our benefits and programmes whilst ensuring  we are part of a much larger mission to get the nation, including children, more active".

ukactive CEO, David Stalker stated: "ukactive is committed to getting more people, more active, more often and children's activity is a crucial aspect of that mission so we are delighted to be working with Compass. There are clear synergies between ukactive and Compass so we are looking forward to developing a joint strategy and in doing so I will be relying on the input and insight of our respective members and partners so."

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 About Compass

  • The Community of Providers of Physical Activity and School Sports (Compass) was set up in 2011 and is a representative body for providers of children's activity & sport in schools & communities
  • Compass' vision is for every child to lead an active and healthy lifestyle. Our mission is to professionalise the sector to provide high quality children's activity & sport
  • A diverse membership deliver both curriculum and non-curriculum school sport & activity in over 7,000 schools & communities


  • ukactive is the not-for-profit body which provides services and facilitates partnerships for a broad range of organisations, all of which support the vision of more people, more active, more often to improve the health of the nation. We exist to serve anyone with a benefit to be gained or a role to play in achieving that goal.
  • ukactive partnerships reflect a wide range of operators, service providers, suppliers and stakeholders from across the sector. We are committed to facilitating partnerships, improving product and service standards, sharing insights and education and raising consumer awareness of the benefits of an active lifestyle.
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