Kids are the future as ukactive launch new children’s activity strategy

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16 April 2015

Kids are the future as ukactive launch new children's activity strategy

ukactive is today launching a new strategy for children's physical activity, underpinned by a new 'ukactive kids' membership category and a policy report due to be launched in early June calling for a greater focus on children's activity levels by the next government.

This move follows the merger between the Compass Association and ukactive and has led to the formulation of a new ukactive kids board which will oversee the strategic direction of the new membership category and ukactive's vision of a more active childhood.

An increasing range of organsiations across the public, private and third sector have sought to create their own products and services for the children's activity market, in addition to pledges from all political parties to maintain funding for school sport over the next Parliament.

The new membership category will see ukactive work closely with ukactive kids members to:

  • Help inform government policy with insight from the playing fields, playground and sports halls of thousands of schools and community settings across the country
  • Shape the direction and strategy for the sector, with a direct voice through to the ukactive board
  • Create a vision and structure for delivery and influence the lives of hundreds of thousands of children for years ahead
  • Define standards and good practice, helping to ensure the safety of children who participate in member led activity
  • Where needed, work with key stakeholders to put in place regulations & accreditation in place to uphold standards
  • Stimulate the growth of the sector and the achievement of the vision of more children, more active, more often

To mark the launch of ukactive Kids, in early June ukactive will be releasing a report which will present new findings on the current levels of physical activity in Primary Schools and will mark the first step in working towards closer alignment of the physical activity sector with education, with an emphasis on health.

This focus on getting more children more active will be integrated across all ukactive activities. For example, this year's National Fitness Day - which is scheduled for 9th September 2015 - will feature an opportunity for schools to run their own events targeted at engaging higher numbers of school children in physical activity and find unexpected ways to integrate physical activity into the school day. This will build upon the success of last year, where nearly 2,000 venues ran 'Power-Half-Hour' sessions to showcase their services, reaching 29.5 million people via social media.

ukactive CEO David Stalker said:

"ukactive is delighted to be able to launch our new children's activity strategy and set a vision for a more active childhood alongside our partners.

ukactive kids members are going to be a core part of energising the sector's approach to creating an active future for our young people and will really lead the way in capturing the new opportunities that are presenting themselves to organisations across our sector.

The successful integration of Compass is now complete. As a result of this coming together, we've been able to reduce membership fees for former Compass members by 20% showing that we really are stronger - and better off - together."

Dean Horridge, founder of Fit for Sport, former Chair of Compass and Chair of the ukactive Kids Board said:

"At a time when the new government will be looking to robustly review its approach to children's activity it's essential that the sector has a strong, unified voice on the critical issue of promoting an active childhood.

ukactive Kids will work closely with Ofsted, the Department for Education and the broad range of stakeholders with an interest in this agenda to make sure that any government policy of 'Education, Education, Education' is precluded by the word physical."

For more information please contact Stan Jackson, External Affairs Manager, ukactive: 0207 400 8645


About ukactive

ukactive is the UK's leading not-for-profit health body for the physical activity sector, with over 3,500 members from activity providers to major consumer brands, training facilities and equipment manufacturers. Members come from across the private, public and third sector and are united by ukactive's longstanding and uncompromising commitment to getting more people, more active, more often.

ukactive facilitates big impact partnerships, conceives and drives breakthrough campaigns, conducts critical research and galvanises key stakeholders to develop and deliver key projects that support and champion the physical activity agenda. The organisation's efforts are centred on supporting a national ambition to "Turn the tide of physical inactivity".

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