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Fit for Sport & Everyone Active awarded ‘Inspired by 2012’ mark

Fit for Sport & Everyone Active awarded ‘Inspired by 2012’ mark

10 February 2014

The Legacy Games project, devised and delivered jointly by Fit for Sport and Everyone Active, has been awarded the coveted ‘Inspired by 2012’ mark from the Cabinet Office.  

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NICE backs ukactive’s call for higher levels of investment to turn the tide of inactivity

04 February 2014

The governing body for medical industry standards, NICE, has called on local government to prioritise investment into encouraging more people to get active in order to save money and lives in the long-term.

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Scotland’s top doctor warns lack of exercise is as bad for health as smoking, alcohol abuse and diabetes combined

03 February 2014

Scotland's Chief Medical Officer Sir Harry Burns said international research had shown a lack of physical activity was a major risk factor for early death.


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Growing physical inactivity pandemic laid bare by ukactive report

31 January 2014

Fresh analysis of official Government data and FOI-obtained figures show depth of challenge to 'turn the tide of physical inactivity'

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PHE Boss aims for 'industrial scale change' in the culture of inactivity

24 January 2014

Professor Kevin Fenton of Public Health England used today's physical activity caucus to call for 'industrial scale' action in tackling the physical activity epidemic.


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