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NICE: GPs should screen all adults for exercise habits (29th November, Pulse)

02 December 2012

GPs and practice nurses should screen all adults to determine if they reach recommended levels of physical activity, recommends draft guidance published by NICE.

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Importance of Physical Activity : Summary: ukactive #moretogether Summit (Dehavilland 22nd November)

28 November 2012

Opening ukactive's "More Together" Summit, Chairman Fred Turok emphasised the importance of embedding physical activity into communities across Britain.

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Public health panel discussion : ukactive #moretogether Summit (Dehavilland 22nd November)

28 November 2012

At a panel discussing public health at the ukactive Summit, Professor Mike Kelly acknowledged the problem of health inequalities, and that the damage caused by a lack of physical activity was spread disproportionately across the population.

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Smokers more likely to suffer mental decline, study finds (Telegraph 26th November)

28 November 2012

Smoking not only causes lung disease and health problems, but is also linked with mental decline such as forgetfulness and slower thinking, new research has shown.

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Tory MP: free medicines may have to be cut back as patients take more responsibility (Telegraph 27th November)

28 November 2012

Dr Phillip Lee, himself a practising GP, said that the majority of patients for whom medication is prescribed are suffering from conditions which are predominantly to do with lifestyle.

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