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Tory MP: free medicines may have to be cut back as patients take more responsibility (Telegraph 27th November)

28 November 2012

Dr Phillip Lee, himself a practising GP, said that the majority of patients for whom medication is prescribed are suffering from conditions which are predominantly to do with lifestyle.

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Stakeholders react to launch of ukactive

22 November 2012

Support for ukactive positioning strong from key stakeholders.

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Prime Minister supports ukactive

22 November 2012

David Cameron supports ukactive's mission to embed active lifestyles into the DNA of the nation


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Active lifestyles sector comes together for 2012 Summit

22 November 2012

The UK active lifestyles sector comes together on 22 November 2012 to mark the launch of ukactive.


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Coe calls for PE teachers to 'be given bonuses' to build on Olympic legacy (Telegraph)

19 November 2012

The head of the London 2012 organising committee called for a shake-up to avoid allowing the spike in enthusiasm created by the Games "to crumble under our feet". 


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