Consumer Protection

Complaints about ukactive members

ukactive is a not-for-profit body made up of members and partners from across the UK active lifestyle sector. As such, we monitor the actions of our operator members who sign the ukactive Code of Practice.

The ukactive Code of Practice, which covers areas of health and safety, staff development and customer care processes, is designed to be the minimum standard benchmark of quality and service across the sector in order to add credibility and professionalism to the sector as a whole.

ukactive is not a ombudsman and as such, it is not appropriate for us to intervene in individual complaints against our members.

However, we do have standardised procedures in place to deal with complaints brought to our attention regarding our members. If we are contacted by a member of the public we will advise the member in question of their concerns in writing and request that they follow up directly with their member.

All ukactive operator members, whether they are ukactive Code of Practice compliant or not, are expected to comply with our Operators Professional Code, which asks that all contracts comply with fair trading laws and that facilities must ensure they make new customers aware of the terms & conditions of their membership contract  - the ukactive Code of Practice is a further set of standards which are recommend but not compulsory for operators.

The Operators Professional Code also states that the operator must respond in a timely manner to any complaints from the public which are brought to their attention by ukactive.

To clarify, however, we are unable to offer dispute resolution if the member's complaints procedure has already been exhausted, or to get involved in a complaint on a consumer's behalf.

We operate from a neutral position when passing on complaints to our members, whilst having an overarching commitment to helping to maintain professional standards in the sector.

If you want to contact ukactive about a complaint regarding one of our members, please send as much detail as possible about the nature of your complaint to

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