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Want to know more about the trends impacting participation in swimming? ukactive and the ASA are working together on a new report which will be completed in the latter part of this year.  The data from Sport England's Active People shows the number of people taking part in organised swimming increasing slightly whilst the number of causal swimmers is decreasing. The overall impact is a decrease in the number participating in swimming. Each quarter, the ASA produces a Throughput Report which shows increases and decreases in the number of visits to public swimming pools.

Whilst there is a fair amount of information about swimming in the private sector, there is little overall sector information. For instance, we don't know whether there is a steady flow of swimmers in the public sector now moving to the private sector.  None of us really know how many people swim and the activities they take part in when at the pool.

Many health clubs and hotels do not keep detailed information. This Report can only ever be a 'first stab' at trying to understand the size of the overall market but we wanted to make a start. We are therefore asking if you would like to help and take part by completing a very short survey. We want all members who would be interested to have a share in the information coming out of the Report and, if you contact , he will make sure you receive a copy by email when it is completed.

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