ukactive Kids Code of Practice

The ukactive Kids Code of Practice is designed to ensure that children Activity Providers maintain a basic level of practice to ensure the safety and wellbeing of their customers. By complying with the standards of the ukactive Kids Code of Practice we can raise the level of operation throughout all ukactive facilities and providers.

The ukactive Kids Code of Practice covers the following areas of compliance:

  • Health and Safety
  • Child welfare and Safeguarding
  • Staff training
  • Customer and Participant care
  • Equality and Diversity

Compliance with the ukactive Kids Code of Practice communicates your commitment to standards, quality and customer welfare. It is an important statement to Government and other regulatory bodies that the health and fitness sector is a professional industry that takes its operation and duty of care seriously

As well as raising the standards for the sector, the Code of Practice also helps protect against the new Sentencing Guidelines. Since the new Sentencing Guidelines came into force, 1st April 2016, the fines for non-compliance have gone up 24 fold the cost, as an example 'Under the old guidelines the starting point for causative fatal safety offences is a £100,000 fine and £500,000 for corporate manslaughter. Under this new guideline the same fatal safety offence for a large business would result in a fine starting at £2.4m if the company has a high level of culpability; 24 times higher than before'. When deciding the seriousness of the offence, they will look at a lack of adherence to recognised standards in the industry'

Click here for the ukactive Kids Code of Practice briefing paper

Are you up to standard? Further details:

"As a ukactive kids' member, I have recently gained COP status. The clarity of thinking I have undergone and the detailed systems I have put in place in order to receive COP status give reassurance to all stakeholders that I am a high quality and safe provider of school and community based physical activities"



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