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ukactive, is committed to raising standards in the pursuit of a more active and healthier nation. As part of this goal, ukactive have recently launched the Outdoor Code of Practice as we recognised the need to provide quality assurance and raise standards in the outdoor fitness sector, as well as improving relationships between outdoor fitness providers and landowners

Group exercise classes and personal training sessions being conducted within parks have soared in popularity. Whilst the delivery of these classes continues to enjoy general public support, there is a need for them to be delivered responsibly with effective safeguards in place.

ukactive has developed the Outdoor Code of Practice which supports exercise professionals to attain specified minimum standards of health and safety and improve public confidence by demonstrating that they take their responsibilities seriously.

The ukactive Outdoor Code of Practice defines the minimum performance criteria for group exercise and personal training delivered in parks to ensure that customers are provided with a safe environment in which to engage with leisure activities.

"The Code of Practice provides a strong framework to ensure that all outdoor fitness is safely delivered with all operators agreeing and committing to the necessary standards required. Constantly improving these standards can only be a good thing for all customers and provides peace of mind for authorities managing outdoor spaces whilst removing a huge administrative burden."
Rob Love, MD, British Military Fitness

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