2015 ukactive Physical Activity Team Challenge - powered by MYZONE

We invite all industry stakeholders to get involved with an inclusive team physical activity challenge,  whereby we can all practice what we preach, and make our efforts count.

It's very simple to get involved, and is a great motivation to help make exercise fun, and get you and your team into shape leading up to Christmas!

Each company submits a team of 7 people and their cumulative total MEPs
(MYZONE® Effort Points) are visible on a leader board.

MEPs accumulate for every minute of activity that a user spends in the
5 effort (intensity) zones based on one's individual maximum heart rate.
The more effort that is put in, the more MYZONE Effort points are earned. 

The Challenge:
Each team that achieves a minimum of 9,100 MEPs with every team participant earning a minimum of 1,300 points, will earn an entry into a prize draw.

Each team will earn an additional entry to the prize draw for every additional 1,000 MEPs earned as a team.

The MEPs target is aligned with attainment of intensity based World Health Guidelines on Physical Activity of 150 mins of moderate intensity or 75 minutes of vigorous intensity exercise a week.

A live leaderboard will show your team's progress throughout the duration of the challenge.

The Challenge will run from Friday November 6th until Friday December 4th

How to Enter:
Email myzoneuk@cfm.net with your company name and 7 x MYZONE® registered email addresses.

No cost for entry.
If you don't currently have a MYZONE belt and would like to be involved with a team, just let us know or email myzoneuk@cfm.net 

Think you're up to the challenge?



50 x MZ-3 belts retailed at £129.99 each
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Lets Get Moving