Change4lifeukactive was one of the first partners to sign up to Change4Life. We share a mission - encouraging the nation to eat well, move more and live longer. As such, ukactive consistently seeks to identify ways for members to work with the Change4Life brand and improve the health of the nation.

In 2009 ukactive delivered a sub-brand of the Department of health's Change4Life campaign, called Moreactive4life. The campaign put health clubs and leisure centres at the heart of local communities to encourage families to eat well and move more.

It encouraged ukactive members to think beyond their facilities and lead local walking groups to promote a 'less sitting, more moving' approach by embracing the wider community, and demonstrating the ease with which physical activity can be incorporated into daily life.

The campaign reached 200,000 participants in 2009, calling on the support of 1,200 ukactive members including health clubs, leisure centres and other bodies.

In March 2010, ukactive rolled out Lets Dance with Change4Life, reaching out to families, children and adults in order to promote physical activity within the community and make dance more accessible to all.

Lets Dance saw 70,000 places created offering participants a wide variety of free dance classes from Latin right the way through to hip hop. An open weekend of dance was held in March and involved over 40, 000 people moving to music. Almost 600 venues were used, including health clubs, leisure centres and other organisations.

Positive feedback from those involved commented on how it was 'fun, easy and a great way to get fit'. This programme was a successful way in promoting alternative activities to an audience who may not necessarily have enjoyed typical sports based activity.

In 2011 ukactive delivered a further Department of Health Change4Life campaign - the Great Swapathon, in partnership with Asda.

The aim of the campaign was to encourage people to make a positive start to 2011, by supporting them to swap their daily routine for something more active; helping the nation eat well, move more, drink less and live longer.

Throughout this campaign, 5 million voucher chequebooks were distributed across the nation, each containing 20 healthy lifestyle vouchers, two of which were physical activity offers.

Over 1000 ukactive members were involved in delivering this campaign.