Let's put an exercise professional into every GP's surgery.


Let's Get Moving is a physical activity care pathway originally developed by the Department of Health, validated by Loughborough University and recommended by the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence. ukactive has developed its own version of the behaviour change intervention, as part of its ambition to have an exercise professional in every GP's surgery.

Backed by funding and support from Sport England, Let's Get Moving supports inactive patients to set realistic and achievable personal physical activity goals. Based on evidence based motivational interviewing techniques, Let's Get Moving explores the personal barriers that patients may have to getting active and supports them to make a plan that matters to them.

Will it work?

ukactive's expansion of Let's Get Moving follows the successful testing of the Let's Get Moving model by ukactive and a consortium of partners with five Primary Care Trusts in Essex. This saw 504 previously inactive participants amass a total of 164 million steps, accounting to 48,000 active hours, 11.2 million kcal and 69,000 miles walked. For previously inactive people in danger of developing chronic diseases related to their lifestyle choices, this was a significant outcome which showed the scale of impact that could be achieved by taking a robust approach to delivering public health interventions.

The backing from Sport England provided the necessary resources to not only deliver both sporting and health outcomes for inactive people in a much larger area than the initial pilot, but to also further systemise the concept in order to support its continued expansion into other areas of the country in a cost effective and proven manner. Physical activity pathways work in getting more people, more active, more often,

What do they say?

When the investment from Sport England was announced, David Stalker, CEO, ukactive said: "We are thrilled to have secured funding to further roll out this initiative. At ukactive we have a strong belief that putting an exercise professional into every GP surgery can have a dramatic impact on the health of the nation.

Craig Lister, Head of Preventative Health Commissioning at both Bedford Borough Council and Central Bedfordshire Council (a commissioner of the Let's Get Moving service) said "Let's Get Moving offers the potential for a physical activity service that sits alongside established evidenced based programmes for smoking cessation and weight management.  As with the rest of the country, we face a challenge to tackle physical inactivity across our local community. 

Miranda Roberts, GP, Lister Medical Centre, Essex was one of the first GPs to utilise ukactive's Let's Get Moving service. In a recent article in Pulse Magazine, she said "Some GPs, including myself, are turning to interventions such as ukactive's Let's Get Moving programme. Based on NICE guidance on brief interventions, it provides us with advice on initiating exercise and use proven motivational interviewing techniques. We have to accept that as GPs we are very time constrained. And, despite our gilded education, it's rare that you'll find a GP in a position to offer a high standard of physical activity advice or perhaps even comfortable doing so. The solutions are to be found in strong links and practical pathways to provide personal support toward better physical activity. We need to bring this as close to our surgeries as possible, into the heart of our practice teams. The Let's Get Moving model recommends GPs place an exercise professional in their  surgery to provide advice and guidance."

Sport England's Chief Executive, Jennie Price, said: "We are paying a heavy price for inactivity both in terms of people's health and the burden on the NHS. This lottery-funded project will help thousands of people to get healthier and demonstrate the value of investing in sport and physical activity."

The Chief Medical Officer, Professor Dame Sally Davies, said: "If physical activity was a drug it would be regarded as a miracle, so everyone must take this seriously. Even relatively small amounts of exercise can have huge benefits to your health and help prevent serious health conditions like diabetes, cancer and heart disease. Everyone has a role to play and providing opportunities for those least active to get involved in sport could make a big difference to the nation's fitness."

The ukactive team are happy to share their experience of Let's Get Moving on request. Get in touch with the team to find out more. 

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