Blueprint Milestone Review

In the year since ukactive’s Blueprint for an Active Britain was launched, there has been great progress towards its primary objective – the establishment of tackling physical inactivity as a top-tier public health priority. Last year’s Blueprint for an Active Britain sought to deepen the Government’s engagement with the physical activity agenda, and it made a series of clear and achievable policy calls on how to harness the power of physical activity to get more people, more active, more often.
This document provides an overview of the post-Blueprint landscape and outlines fresh, practical policy recommendations across a range of areas that ukactive and key stakeholders will work towards achieving moving forward.

The recommendations of the 2015 Blueprint for an Active Britain remain valid but are now reinforced by a broad range of additional considerations, including practical recommendations that can be acted upon by the sector itself and that are not dependent on the Government.
The purpose of this document is to build on the momentum generated since the launch of Blueprint, and to continue to support government, local authorities, businesses and activity providers to collaborate in introducing ambitious new measures in a range of areas to turn the tide of inactivity.


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Blueprint Milestone Review

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