Physical Activity and Health: Working together to get the nation moving

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Report overview

Physical Activity and Health: Working together to get the nation moving has been jointly produced by the Sport and Recreation Alliance and ukactive to support and enable our members to understand and successfully engage with the health agenda.

Physical Activity and Health provides a snapshot of the health system in England, including the roles and responsibilities of the key organisations and insight into the commissioning process. The report also gives an overview of the current policy landscape for the sector and practical advice to support organisations looking to engage with the health system.  This includes operational and strategic 'top tips' and some examples of a number of organisations already successfully involved in health delivery.

Top tips

Four expert organisations from across the sport, recreation and physical activity sector - Public Health England, Sport England, cCLOA and the ukactive Research Institute - have contributed to Physical Activity and Health a number of 'top tips,' outlining how organisations can look to engage with their local health system.  This includes designing programmes which benefit inactive populations, engaging with local health commissioners and embedding a robust system of data collection.

Case studies

Many organisations from activity landscape are already successfully navigating the health system.  Physical Activity and Health highlights the steps these organisations have taken and what they have learned from the process.


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