Last year (2020), we took Active Uprising digital whilst we couldn’t meet in person. The online series kicked-off with Head Coach of Manchester United Women’s Football Club and ex England Footballer, Casey Stoney MBE, who shared her stories on resilience and leadership.

Active Uprising online also delivered the conference’s most popular themes, such Sweat, Challenging the Mindset, Empowering the Workforce, and Generation Active, along with the new sessions on Digital Transformation, Workplace Wellbeing, and Social Prescribing.

w/c 6th July - Keynote

Casey Stoney MBE – Keynote

Wednesday 8th July 10:00

w/c 20th July - Empowering the Workforce

A year on, where is the workforce now’

Revisit what was discussed last year and see what has changed a year on. Include the conversations about the digitisation of fitness and physical activity with how it has forced the sector to implement this quicker than expected due to Covid-19.

Tuesday 21st July 11:00

Leadership after Lockdown

Sporting Edge’s Founder Jeremy Snape explores the psychological and strategic business challenges leaders will face as we return from the Covid-19 crisis.
Sporting Edge has spent the last decade interviewing some of the world’s most successful leaders in elite sport, performing arts, academia and business. These fascinating insights will equip you with:
·         A chance to hear the concerns and priorities of other leaders on the webinar
·         An opportunity to reflect on your current preparations
·         Key strategies to ensure your re-entry to the workplace is smooth and that you set your teams up for success

Wednesday 22nd July  12:00

Don’t tell – Have a coaching conversation

Institute of Leadership & Management research revealed that although managers acknowledge the importance of adopting coaching approaches at work, their staff were less likely to agree that they assist individuals in setting their goals and finding their own solutions.  It also appears that managers don’t listen as much as they think they do.
Being able to conduct a coaching conversation is a leadership fundamental. Once you have mastered the basic principles, the opportunities to use coaching conversations, not only as a manager but with clients, suppliers and colleagues are infinite.
This session is a step by step guide of how to hold those conversations wherever you are.

Thursday 23rd July 15:00

The Reality of COVID-19 and preparing the Workforce

As an industry there is a need for us to be aware of the physical and physiological damage a person has sustained once they’ve dealt with COVID-19 and how that impacts the way in which we manage their recovery and development afterwards. The risk is that a lack of awareness, regarding how the virus impacts human structures, could lead to us underestimating the extent of damage invoked. In such instances the wrong type of exercise at the wrong time will lead to further stress, damage and potentially, harm. Our goal as a sector is to help ensure that those in convalescence work wholly toward facilitating their recovery, overcoming the virus and progress on to new levels of health, wellness and fitness.

Friday 24th July 11:00

w/c 27th July - Generation Active

Play On Panel – Connecting communities through a physical activity ecosystem 

This panel will discuss the importance of active communities with a focus on how to engage families to be active through the multiple pathways within their communities, from engaging with local spaces like parks, to their school and GP surgery, and even through their local housing associations.

Tuesday 28th July 11:00

Open Doors Panel – Unlocking the Youth Voice

This will be a youth led panel (4/5 young people and a YP chair) it will focus on Youth wellbeing and resilience, they will talk about how they dealt with lockdown, how they overcame some of the challenges of not being at school/clubs, and what they want post Covid 19 from their schools, leisure centres and community providers.

 Wednesday 29th July 13:00

Members Panel – Children Activity Providers in a post COVID19 World

How to deliver activities and engage young people in a post covid19 world. This session will also provide an opportunity for Children’s Activity Providers to raise issues, worries and questions around the safe operating framework and government guidance around summer delivery and beyond

Thursday 30th July 15:00

w/c 3rd August – Keynote, Dina Asher-Smith

Join us for a Q&A session with Dina Asher-Smith, hosted by Baroness Tanni Grey-Thompson

Wednesday 5th August 13:00

w/c 10th August - Workplace Wellbeing

Corporate Gym Membership 2:0 – what do businesses want and need?

Taking current insights into the future of work combined with what we know about changing activity habits to explore new opportunities for the sector to engage with the business community. Is there a shared narrative that we can all get behind to grow this opportunity for everybody?

Tuesday 11th August 11:00


Corporate Gym Membership 2:0 – how do we respond to the opportunity?

An opportunity to delve deeper into the conversation about the role of the sector in workplaces and the associated opportunities via a virtual workshop format

Thursday 13th August 14:00

w/c 17th August - Sweat

Digital Pivot

Looking to the future and the challenges of space, how have and how can organisations adapted their offering to maximise success

Tuesday 18th August 14:00

Brand value  

This session will explore the role and importance of brand and brand values

Thursday 20th August  14:00

w/c 24th August - Digital Transformation

Digital Literacy: Turn insights into action

This session will look at how to uncover hidden data and build a strong foundation for the future.

Tuesday 25th August 10:30

Future of the sector in five years: Creating consumer brand value  

Looking ahead, how can enhanced customer journeys be created through data

Thursday 27th August 10:30

w/c 31st August - Challenging the Mindset, Social Prescribing & Power of Data

Challenging the Mindset: Future of the Public Sector

In the last decade public leisure has fallen victim to substantial budget cuts that have had a significant impact on local provision. The emergence of coronavirus and the resulting lockdown has further impacted on our public leisure facilities and exposed just how fragile public leisure provision is. So what now for a service that provides so much for so many right in the heart of the communities they serve?

This interactive webinar will explore how public leisure can and should emerge from this crisis, do we dust ourselves off and continue as we were or do we use this opportunity to break the mould and make 2020 the decade of change for community leisure provision?

Tuesday 1st September  10:30


The power of data: Using insight to guide decision making

This session will present an initial snapshot of what participation has looked like since facilities have reopened, linking to the Impact and Recovery report and building on ukactive’s current Business Intelligence reporting

Wednesday 2nd September 11:00


A new National Service? How can our sector fully support social prescribing in wake of Covid-19  

This session will discuss what re-positioning is required from the sector to support such an ambition. The session will look at what are the new programmes required, what is the workforce training required? Where and how has the sector adopted prescribed exercise to date and what will the Govt and Health Agencies need from the sector.

Thursday 3rd September  11:00


Active Uprising 2020 will be an opportunity to hear from some notable figures of the sporting world, learn from experts inside and outside the sector as well as network and engage with over 1000 decision makers from across the sector.

Together we learn, together we lead, together we grow.