Championing the interests of our members

The ukactive Public affairs team campaign and engage law makers and opinion formers on the issues that impact on our members’ ability to operate, and campaign to ensure that the sector has a lead role in influencing programmes being established to address the inactivity crisis in the UK. Our campaigns, reports and thought leadership seeks to bring national attention to the important role of the physical activity sector on the front line in the fight against sedentary lifestyles – and to establish and ingrain inactivity as a top tier public health issue.

From campaigning to ensure we get a better understanding of local authority public health spending on physical activity and tracking legislation around potential threats and risks facing the sector (e.g. data insecurity) to making the case for government to extend the cycle to work salary sacrifice scheme to include other forms of physical activity – getting more people, more active more often and championing the interests of our members is at the heart of what we do.

The national debate on inactivity is happening, and moving on from one where there was debate around the crisis ever existing, to one of recognition, where remedies and solutions are now urgently required.  ukactive’s ambition is to ensure that activity stays high on the agenda of our political leaders, and we will work with members and partners to ensure that not only is their opinion heard on this major issue, but they also play a lead role in influencing the debate.

What services do we provide?

ukactive has a dedicated in-house Public Affairs team that can support members in understanding the stakeholder and policy landscape, and maximising the opportunities presented by the national debate around physical activity to get more people moving.

Stakeholder mapping

ukactive’s Public Affairs team can support you in mapping your stakeholder landscape, so that you have confidence in knowing who are the key law makers, funders, and opinion formers that have the ability to impact your company. From key government bodies to corporate stakeholders – we can provide you with a complete 360-degree view of the stakeholders that influence your organisation’s current position and future opportunities within the physical activity sphere.

Intelligence and Analysis

ukactive’s Public Affairs team can provide you with both written and oral briefings on key policy developments, programme announcements, and major events. Our round the clock media monitoring and close proximity to senior stakeholders means that we can provide prompt and comprehensive summaries of major developments – highlighting the most noteworthy details and relaying complex data and information in a clear and concise format. We ensure that you get a complete understanding of how an issue impacts your organisation and the wider sector – to support you to make decisions from an informed position.

Bespoke Stakeholder Engagement Planning

ukactive’s Public Affairs team can identify the key stakeholders across government (central, devolved, and local), health, sport, and business and support the facilitating of introductions. From identifying the appropriate stakeholders to suggesting areas where partnership may be mutually beneficial – we use or wide network of 3,500+ members and partners and links to government and its agencies to connect the organisations and influential individuals that have the most to gain from joint working.