Change4Life is a public health programme in England which commenced in 2009, run by Public Health England. Change4Life aims to help families and adults make small and sustainable steps to improve their overall health and increase their activity levels.

ukactive was one of the first partners to sign up to Change4Life in 2009 when we delivered the campaign ‘Moreactive4Life’. We have continued to support the growth of Change4Life through its various campaigns and in its mission of encouraging the nation to eat well, move more and live longer.

Since 2014 we have teamed up with Change4Life and Disney on the ’10 Minute Shake Up’ campaign that uses popular Disney characters alongside the recognised Change4Life animations to get children doing 10 minute bursts of activity during the summer months, to help them reach the recommended 60 minutes or more of physical activity a day.

Through our network of operators and providers, in 2015 we hosted around 6,000 taster sessions, special events and offers on physical activity to encourage families to get active in their local communities.

2016 will see us continue our work with Change4Life and Disney to offer free, engaging and varied sessions through our members to help encourage families to meet the recommended levels of physical activity.