A report investigating the association of golf participation with health and wellbeing by England Golf, Mytime Active, and the ukactive Research Institute found that golf was positively associated with individuals physical and mental wellbeing as well as the wider community. Golf participation has also been shown to support improvements in wider health such as reduction in stress and anxiety, and increase confidence and self-esteem, especially in survivors of cancer or stroke.

Golf on Referral, informed by previous England Golf, Mytime Active, and the ukactive Research Institute research was developed to provide an additional referral route alongside Mytime Active’s traditional referral pathways, incorporating group support on various aspects of a healthy life alongside specific golf skills.

Golf on Referral delivered twice a week for six-weeks (30 minutes of behaviour change and 45 minutes of practical golf delivery) found significant improvements in life satisfaction, feeling worthwhile, vigorous and total physical activity levels, grip strength and golf self-efficacy. Recommendations support the continued refinement and scalability of golf on referral.

The full report can be found here