Open Doors is a programme that focuses on engaging young people during a time when they often have no access to positive facilities and safe spaces to be physically active by unlocking school facilities for use. Open Doors provides coaching and mentoring to young people during the school holiday period to ensure they have access to local delivery and engagement opportunities.

To support the development, refinement, and scalability of Open Doors, the ukactive Research Institute has implemented a mixed method research approach.

February 2020 pilot
For the pilot a qualitative evaluation was implemented through focus groups with the participants during delivery. The focus groups explored the participants thoughts and feeling towards their participation and focused on social interactions, mental wellbeing, physical activity, and the Open Doors pilot. Results revealed themes around positive role models, changes to daily routines, and social interaction and confidence.

The report can be found here

Summer 2020 – Summer 2021
Following the success of the February 2020 pilot Open Doors was commissioned for delivery in London, Birmingham, Liverpool and Manchester as part of a collaborative delivery model funded by various parties including GLA/VRU, Nike, Holiday Activities and Food Fund – DfE, Opening School Facilities – Sport England/Active Partnerships network and the City of Birmingham School.

The mixed method research approach of throughput data, quantitative questionnaires, and focus groups with children and key stakeholders was again undertaken. There were over 5,000 attendances by young people who had access to safe spaces in local communities to be inspired through the power of sport. The feedback and data received highlight the positive experiences these young people are receiving during school holidays, often at a time when they have no access to positive role models, enriching environments and safe spaces.