The project examines the effectiveness of the Let’s Get Moving Back Into pathway with the addition of a social action interaction. Participants will be randomised based upon the surgery they attend. This is a cluster randomised control trial with control surgeries will deliver the core Let’s Get Moving programme as advised by the Department of Health. Intervention surgeries will deliver the Let’s Get Moving programme with increased social action and peer to peer interaction.


The Let’s Get Moving pathway consists of physical activity counselling (PAC) delivered by community exercise professionals in GP surgeries. The aim is to encourage participants to enter a community sports pathway comprising of 12 exercise sessions, and to go on to sustain increased levels of physical activity. In addition to the above, participants receiving the intervention will also have the option to attend weekly group PAC sessions hosted and led by their CEP over a 12 week period, and join a facebook group specifically created for participants.


Physical activity levels will be monitored via electronic attendance registers throughout the intervention and follow up period to determine effectiveness. Self-report physical activity levels will also be monitored throughout the intervention. Participants will be people aged between 18 and 74 who are inactive and overweight. The physical activity counselling session is intended to help these people become more active through 1) helping them understand what stops them from living a more active lifestyle, 2) helping them understand why it might be beneficial to change their habits, and 3) exploring ways by which they might be more active. At the appropriate time, patients will be signposted to locally available community sporting activities and services. All participants will receive a telephone call at six weeks and attend a follow-up PAC session with their CEP 12 weeks following their original sessions. Participants will be followed up at one year.

Primary Outcomes

  • Uptake to pathway
  • Transition from PAC to community sports pathway.
  • Attendance at and retention within community sports pathway.
  • Long-term sustained behaviour change via 1×30 minute session of physical activity.