Driving up standards

Quality and customer welfare

ukactive Standards

ukactive has developed a variety of different products and documents aimed at driving up standards across the entire sector.

Code of Practice

The ukactive Code of Practice is designed to ensure that health and fitness operators maintain a basic level of practice for the safety and wellbeing of their customers.

By complying with the standards of the ukactive Code of Practice the sector can start to raise the level of operation throughout all ukactive facilities and create a symbol of quality that the exercising public will look for before joining a fitness club or centre.

Compliance with the ukactive Code of Practice communicates commitment to standards, quality and customer welfare. It is an important statement to Government and other regulatory bodies that the health and fitness sector is a professional industry that takes its operation and duty of care seriously.

Outdoor Code of Practice

There has been a proliferation of both group exercise classes and personal training sessions being conducted within public spaces and most notably urban parks.

The ukactive Outdoor Code of Practice defines the minimum performance criteria for fitness instructors delivering exercise in outdoor spaces, to ensure that customers are provided with a safe environment in which to engage with leisure activities.

The Outdoor Code of Practice compliments current licensing arrangements for urban parks and managed rural areas, whereby local councils adopt the Code as a pre-requisite for licenses.

ukactive Kids Code of Practice

The ukactive Kids Code of Practice has been created specifically for ukactive members who work closely with children.

This Code goes in to the specifics of offering and delivering safe and controlled activities for Children.

Health Commitment Statement

The Health Commitment Statement sets the standards that health and fitness centres and facility users can reasonably expect from each other, concerning the health of the user.

The HCS is the evolution of the PAR-Q and was developed by ukactive operator members, medico-legal professionals and health providers to support the evolving requirements of users and operators.

The HCS has been designed for users in a gym environment and with all operators in mind, allowing flexibility with its usage.

European Standards

ukactive also sit on various British and European committees to make sure that our members are at the fore-front of all new legislative changes, as well as being involved in the development of them.

For more information on ukactive standards, including information notes and useful links, please contact ukactive’s Quality and Standards team.

Transgender Guidance

ukactive has worked in partnership with a number of stakeholders, including CIMSPA and Sport England, to produce guidance for frontline staff to assist with the use of facilities by trans people. The overall aim of the guidance is to encourage everyone to say ‘yes, you’re welcome,’ and to ensure everyone has a positive experience when accessing facilities. Please see here for further information.


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