Driving up standards

Quality and customer welfare

ukactive Standards

ukactive has developed a variety of different products and documents aimed at driving up standards across the entire sector.

Code of Practice

The ukactive Code of Practice is designed to ensure that health and fitness operators maintain a basic level of practice for the safety and wellbeing of their customers.

By complying with the standards of the ukactive Code of Practice the sector can start to raise the level of operation throughout all ukactive facilities and create a symbol of quality that the exercising public will look for before joining a fitness club or centre.

Compliance with the ukactive Code of Practice communicates commitment to standards, quality and customer welfare. It is an important statement to Government and other regulatory bodies that the health and fitness sector is a professional industry that takes its operation and duty of care seriously.

Outdoor Code of Practice

There has been a proliferation of both group exercise classes and personal training sessions being conducted within public spaces and most notably urban parks.

The ukactive Outdoor Code of Practice defines the minimum performance criteria for fitness instructors delivering exercise in outdoor spaces, to ensure that customers are provided with a safe environment in which to engage with leisure activities.

The Outdoor Code of Practice compliments current licensing arrangements for urban parks and managed rural areas, whereby local councils adopt the Code as a pre-requisite for licenses.

ukactive Kids Code of Practice

The ukactive Kids Code of Practice has been created specifically for ukactive members who work closely with children.

This Code goes in to the specifics of offering and delivering safe and controlled activities for Children.

Health Commitment Statement

The Health Commitment Statement sets the standards that health and fitness centres and facility users can reasonably expect from each other, concerning the health of the user.

The HCS is the evolution of the PAR-Q and was developed by ukactive operator members, medico-legal professionals and health providers to support the evolving requirements of users and operators.

The HCS has been designed for users in a gym environment and with all operators in mind, allowing flexibility with its usage.

European Standards

ukactive also sit on various British and European committees to make sure that our members are at the fore-front of all new legislative changes, as well as being involved in the development of them.

For more information on ukactive standards, including information notes and useful links, please contact ukactive’s Quality and Standards team.

Chemical Checks

Due to some recent inadvertent chemical mixes in facilities, we have created this guidance note to clarify the legal responsibility and guidance if you work with chemicals.


EHRC Guidance for providers of single-sex services and spaces

Following the recent release of the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) guidance on ‘Separate and single-sex service providers: a guide on the Equality Act sex and gender reassignment provisions’, ukactive wanted to share some further guidance.


Harassment and Personal Safety Policy

We want all facilities to provide a safe and welcoming environment for everyone wishing to access them. Any form of harassment towards people is totally unacceptable and we expect all operators to take a zero-tolerance approach to all types of harassment of both customers and staff. As such, we have developed a template policy for ukactive members to use as a basis to create or update their own policy on Personal Safety and Harassment. Please click here for further details


Transgender Guidance

ukactive has worked in partnership with a number of stakeholders, including CIMSPA and Sport England, to produce guidance for frontline staff to assist with the use of facilities by trans people. The overall aim of the guidance is to encourage everyone to say ‘yes, you’re welcome,’ and to ensure everyone has a positive experience when accessing facilities. Please see here for further information.


The Active Standard - Sector research

The focus for this research is to make sure there is a clear benefit for members in obtaining the standard.


The Active Standard (TAS) is a new product, designed by ukactive in conjunction with partners, to apply and quality assure the appropriate standards necessary to support the continued professionalism of the physical activity sector. TAS is due to be launched in April 2022.

The creation of a new standard for the sector, “The Active Standard”, was announced by Baroness Tanni Grey-Thompson at the ukactive Summit in October 2020, when she set out our vision, in partnership with Sport England, for a new sector standard which offers the all-encompassing, flexible approach needed to consistently maintain the standards necessary to support the continued professionalism of the sector.

We understand that to create this new sector standard, which covers the full prism of our sector from Operators, Suppliers and Children’s Activity Providers, it needs to be developed with key partners and stakeholders, and crucially, in partnership with our members and customers.

Over the last 12 months, The Active Standard has been developed in consultation with a broad range of ukactive members, representing all parts of the sector, along with stakeholders and partners. We are currently going through a pilot testing with 40 different organisations across the breadth of our membership and sector to make sure that it delivers value to the businesses we serve, and we hope to have these completed by the end of the year, so that it is fully embedded within your ukactive membership in early 2022.

Further details are available here, or please speak to your ukactive account manager for further information.

ukactive and Sport England collaboration

The Sport and Physical Activity sector has been positive in its response to the Covid 19 crisis and has been successful in demonstrating to Government and to its customers that it can adapt operational practices to meet guidelines on social distancing.  The importance of physical activity to increase resilience to illness and support individual recovery has never had such a high profile.  Ensuring unified and consistent standards of delivery across the sector (sport and physical activity system) is essential to maintaining and enhancing a safe, inclusive environment, creating confidence for customers

Sport England and ukactive are working collaboratively to develop a set of standards and a new framework for improvement that all parts of the sector can adopt. This will allow individual facilities/organisations – both publicly and privately operated – to demonstrate their compliance to standards and performance management but also contribute to the continuous improvement of service delivery across the sector. The new industry standard and improvement framework will be piloted in 2021 and key sector stakeholders will be engaged in the process of development.

If you have any further questions, please contact the Client Services Team –  membership@ukactive.org.uk