ukactive Board Elections


ukactive Board Elections

What is the opportunity

ukactive is reconstituting its’ Membership Council and wider governance structure, and is inviting applications to join its Membership Council via a membership election.

The Council is elected to represent the ukactive membership and ensure that the views of the Membership are fed in to the strategy and operations of the organisation.

The purpose of the Membership Council is to provide the direct voice of ukactive members up to Board, and to share key updates from ukactive out to members. Board will also ask for Membership Council opinion on matters relating to the industry.

The opportunity is for those who work for ukactive members, across the whole physical activity sector. There are 14 seats available which are elected on an initial 3-year term. These positions are not remunerated.

The Chair of the Membership Council, who will be elected from one of the 14 seats, will also sit on the ukactive Board.

Further changes and the corresponding election processes to the other member sub-Committees will be announced in 2022.

Membership Council Seats

Members are invited to apply for one of the seats below. Applications should be made based on the organisation which the applicant works for.

The breakdown of the 14 seats on the Membership Council are shown below: –

Public Sector Representation, based on market/site volume.

  • Leisure Trust
  • Management provider
  • Director or Head of Service for in house
  • Further education/Higher Education Director

Private Sector Representation, based on market/site volume

  • Low cost operator
  • Mid-Market/Franchise
  • Premium operator
  • Boutique (Multi Site) or Group Exercise based provision
  • Spa/Hotel provision

 Independent Representation

  • Independent (which will become Chair of the Independent Council)

 Wider Activity

  • Outdoor Recreation/ National Governing body
  • Wider Corporate / Children’s Activity Provider

 Supplier Council

  • 2 x Suppliers (which will become Chair and Vice Chair of the Supplier Council)


Interested parties are invited to submit an application, via the form below, along with supporting references from 2 separate current ukactive member organisations. Please note, supporting references must come from a senior individual (E.g. CEO, MD, Director level) at these organisations.

Rules and Requirements

  1. Applicants must work in a senior role (E.g. CEO, Director) for an existing ukactive member.
  2. Applicants are only able to stand in the category that their organisation represents.
  3. Only one applicant per member organisation.
  4. Applicants must confirm that they can dedicate the required time to commit to this role. The expectation of Membership Council members is that they attend a quarterly Council meeting (TBC – but likely to be in person) and also a quarterly forum for the sector channel which they represent (currently held virtually).
  5. Applicants must sign and agree that they adhere to the all of the acknowledgements listed on the application form.
  6. Supporting references must be received from 2 senior individuals (e.g. CEO, Director) from separate existing ukactive member organisations for the application to be valid. These cannot come from the applicants own organisation.

Thank You

Thank you for your application!

You will receive a follow up email from confirming receipt of this application

Team ukactive

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