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ukactive and 4GLOBAL have published the first annual Private Sector Benchmarking report based on data collected quarterly from January 2022 to December 2023 from 12 private operators, representing 1,089 privately operated fitness and leisure facilities.

The report presents the most accurate picture yet of the scale and impact of privately operated fitness facilities in the UK.

In this blog, three contributing partners to ukactive’s Private Sector Benchmarking explain why they are supporting the new report and the value of accurate data and insight for their organisations and the overall growth of the sector.

Rebecca Passmore, Group Chief Operating Officer at PureGym:

“Although gym operators may differ in terms of size and proposition, we all share a common goal – to provide facilities that enable people to lead healthier lives. Our shared ambition means that collaboration in the fitness industry is vitally important. This was particularly the case during the COVID-19 pandemic where the aggregation of sector-wide data proved to be instrumental in demonstrating the value of the industry.

“ukactive has been a key partner to foster this collaboration across the industry and provide a holistic view of both the opportunities and challenges we face. As a result, it was natural for us to contribute to the development of the Private Sector Benchmarking, both in terms of data but also perspective.

“This benchmarking initiative is not just about numbers; it’s about working together to provide an overall picture of the gym industry and to showcase the key role gyms play in today’s society. It serves as a powerful tool for not only evaluating our own progress and the industry progress but also fostering a sense of transparency within the industry. Together, we will all be able to leverage this resource to elevate standards, drive innovation, and, ultimately, deliver exceptional value to our members.”

Andy Thompson, Chairman at Anytime Fitness UK:

“I am passionate about data and its positive impact on organisational strategy and decision making. Having worked in other sectors, such as retail and financial services, where operator collaboration and data sharing is common, I wanted to bring that to the fitness sector and specifically the private club operators.

“The private sector benchmarking project allows the sector to own the narrative around macro trends in the sector and to be able to share these trends with wider stakeholders such as the UK Government, investors and researchers.

“Additionally, the benchmarking data creates a positive story with our franchise investors by showing that our network growth is supported by the backdrop of growth in the fitness sector as whole.”

Dave Courteen, Managing Director of Mosaic Group, and Chair of ukactive’s Member Council:

“Just like any business, it is critical for Mosaic Spa & Health Clubs to understand how we are performing against our industry peers. The initiative of ukactive to create a Private Sector Benchmarking service for members will provide that valuable insight into our performance and to track how we are delivering on membership sales and revenue compared to others. Not only does this provide valuable feedback to the teams working on the gym floor and help inspire them to achieve their targets, but it also provides our stakeholders and investors with the reassurance of how we are performing against our competitors.

“By working with ukactive, and their partners 4GLOBAL, we are working on a benchmarking project that has the credibility that comes with an industry trade association and the reassurance around the integrity of the collection and analysis process.

“We are also delighted to be part of a wider project that helps inform government and those that invest in the industry with real time and accurate data that demonstrates the value and depth of the industry that contributes so much to the health and well-being of the nation.

“We really hope that more operators will get involved as this just creates more accurate and meaningful data.”

The Private Sector Benchmarking Report is available to read here.

To receive the quarterly reports and access to the personalised dashboard for your organisation, please contact: