Parklives aims to get more people active through a series of free outdoor activities being run in parks.

ukactive’s Role

The ukactive Research Institute plays a lead role in the evaluation of the scheme which includes key questions:

  • Has Parklives been successful in engaging less active people and people from “hard to reach” groups where there are the biggest issues with health inequalities?
  • Length of time retained: Do people retain an interest in engaging with Parklives over a period of time?
  • More People, More Active? Does engaging with Parklives generally support people to get more active i.e. is there a proven pathway to continued activity in other activities outside of Parklives?
  • Has it made people happier?
  • Use of parks and open spaces: As a result of engaging with Parklives, are people making more use out of local parks and open spaces?

To read the annual evaluation reports for Years 1 -3, click on the relevant link below.

Read the Year 3 Coca-Cola ParkLives Report here. 
Read the Year 2 Coca-Cola ParkLives Report here.
Read the Year 1 Coca Cola Parklives Report here.