Leading the Change report aims to raise awareness of the role of gyms, pools and leisure centres can play in social prescribing. This research consultation with operators to understand the current landscape for social prescribing was undertaken:
1. To begin to determine the social prescribing pathways already being delivered across the fitness and leisure sector.
2. To highlight the sector’s role and link with healthcare provision through social prescribing across the UK.
3. To provide recommendations, based on the findings, to support the fitness and leisure sector’s social prescribing delivery and the preparation work for the 500,000 hours ambition of physical activity provision from the sector.

The report makes four key recommendations:
• Raise awareness of the role of gyms, pools and leisure centres in social prescribing
• Increase the knowledge of social prescribing among the physical activity workforce
• Connect more gyms, pools and leisure facilities to community networks
• Align the sector-wide measurement of social prescribing to NHS England’s Common Outcomes Framework

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