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Digital Futures 2023

To read the full Digital Futures 2023 report, click here.

ukactive and Sport England have published the Digital Futures 2023 report to support fitness and leisure operators to accelerate their digital strategies. The report follows a third year of consultation with the fitness and leisure sector and provides the fullest picture yet of how well organisations are embracing digital and highlights the main areas for improvement to digital strategies, services and connections for consumers.

The findings are based on consultation with 204 fitness, leisure and sports organisations and since the Digital Futures Consultation began in 2021, participation has doubled each year with this year’s cohort representing more than 2,200 sites across the UK which serve an estimated 5.5 million members nationwide.

The report also provides a range of recommendations including how operators can do more to ensure inclusion and accessibility in digitisation to the benefit of all individuals – particularly through personalisation.

The publication – the third annual report of its kind – is supported by ukactive Strategic Partners, Gladstone, Myzone, EGYM, Les Mills, Technogym, and Xplor and its contribution partners Keepme, Leisure Labs, Perfect Gym, Endurance Zone, Xn and Zoom Media.

To read Digital Futures 2023, click here.

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