Listen: ukactive Executive Director Steven Ward answers questions on the burgeoning role of digital in the fitness world

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27 January 2017

Executive Director Steven Ward recently spoke to FitConnect’s Jamie Ward; talking through his thoughts on physical activity sector, with a particular focus on the part digital will play in the future of fitness. In a wide-ranging 30 minute interview, Steven speaks about the challenges and opportunities facing fitness operators, the ActiveLab start-up accelerator program and how one can measure ‘digital success’ within the sector. 

For more information on the ActiveLab programme, the UK’s first start-up accelerator for the physical activity sector, click here.

These insights from Steven Ward form part of a series of interviews by FitConnect with major figures in the physical activity sector, talking about their thoughts on the industry, the impact of digital & what they are doing.

The interviews, including the above, can be found on Jamie Ward’s Youtube channel here.


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