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ukactive has partnered with the prestigious Pearson Business School to deliver a Chartered Manager Degree Apprenticeship, offering promising talent within the physical active sector a platform to develop into leaders within their organisation.

The degree draws from the Apprenticeship Levy, meaning for levy-paying employers the degree costs nothing, while non-levy paying employers will pay just 10% of the course fees, as part of co-investment model put forward by the Government.

The programme offers an opportunity for physical activity employers to create quality workforce development opportunities at limited additional cost, making use of Apprentice Levy spending that is often left unused.

The degree is a bi-annual programme, with the first degree kicking off at end of the January. Applications are now open for the second cohort, which starts in September.

Specifically designed for organisations in the sector to develop promising mid-level employees, the three-year course will provide individuals with the insight, knowledge and practical skills to become highly effective managers.

The course will be run by Pearson Business School, which has developed similar high-level degree programmes for top organisations such as L’Oréal, TfL, Unilever, IBM and the NHS. It offers a Bachelor’s (BA Hons) degree in Business and Management on completion of the course.

Operating primarily from campuses in London and Manchester, the degree programme can also be rolled out across the country, given sufficient demand.

The new degree programme forms part of a multi-faceted drive from ukactive to help upskill employees in the physical activity sector, building a world-class workforce with the leadership, business and management skills to drive the sector forward.

Alongside the ukactive Future Leaders Programme, the degree apprenticeship is creating a clear development pathway for talented and driven individuals in the sector to rise from gym floor to boardroom, supported by ukactive.

ukactive CEO Steven Ward said: “We are delighted to be working alongside the esteemed Pearson Business School to deliver this degree, offering a fantastic platform for growth and development for ambitious individuals in the physical activity sector.

“It’s also a fantastic opportunity for sector operators to get the very most out of the Apprenticeship Levy, ensuring the funds are reinvested in developing and upskilling their workforce.”

Pearson College London Principal Roxanne Stockwell said: “More and more employers are telling us that their graduates are lacking the skills needed to succeed in the world of work.

“We’re addressing this challenge by working with employers to deliver degree apprenticeships that combine traditional academia with real on-the-job experience.”

Why apply – current cohort

Daniel, from Northampton Leisure Trust, said: “I decided to apply to do the degree because I believe this can lead me onto bigger and better things within the company I am working for, I am an ambitious individual and I believe with this degree it can open up doors for me in the future.

Jalpa, from MyTime Active, said: “This degree apprenticeship is a great way for me professionalise what I have been doing over the past year and provide that professional recognition to my work.

“It also enables to me learn on the job and apply what I have learnt in the classroom in to my practical work and build my professional network.”

For more information on the ukactive Degree Apprenticeship click here.

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