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Research and Evaluation

Evaluate physical activity related approaches, interventions, and programmes, understand their impact, and work to promote ‘what works’. We focus on understanding the implementation of efficacious approaches in order to maximise real world effectiveness.

The ukactive Research Institute is experienced in designing and implementing a wide range of research, evaluation, and insight projects using a variety of mixed methods including questionnaires, focus groups and semi-structured interviews, objectively measured health measures, and valid self-report behavioural measures. Approaches are designed based upon understanding our partners aims, developing specific research questions, and employing appropriate and feasible descriptive or experimental designs. However, we often adopt a triangulation approach to data collection, combining relevant quantitative and qualitative methods to provide an interdisciplinary holistic insight into the role that physical activity plays.

Our research spans ukactive’s strategic pillars. We have a proven track record of producing evaluation frameworks to measure and evidence impact in different settings and for specific populations across the lifespan including: inactive and frail older adults, working age adults, students, and school children and families. We employ the highest standards of scientific rigour to our work favouring transparency, openness, and replicability. Findings from each research and evaluation project are often presented in a sector and/or openly accessible academic facing reports for maximum impact.

We are happy to discuss the needs of any specific projects and offer additional bespoke services as required.

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Design and Implementation

Design and implementation of measurement and evaluation frameworks

Data Collection

Data collection (qualitative and quantitative), analysis and reporting


Production of sector facing and academic articles linked to commissioned research projects

Bespoke data analytics

Our team can use the information you are already collecting to produce insight reports to help you get the most out of your data. These will be tailored to individual requirements, but include:

Customer Landscaping and Segmentation: Helping you to understand who your customers are, how they interact with your organisation, and how approaches to different groups can be tailored to fulfil their needs.


Bespoke Surveying

We are able to design, host and analysis online surveys to understand how specific groups view particular topics.
Predictive Modelling: Using historical data to predict the trends and behaviours of the future.

Impact Assessments

This type of work uses data to measure and quantify the impact of a change or alteration your organisation has undergone. For example, customer attendance metrics can be analysed to understand the impact that a gym extension or a new swimming pool has had on your membership and visit figures.

In depth consultation and stakeholder engagement

We can work with your organisation to undertake consultation style work into what future provision of sport and leisure facilities or services might look like for a local area. This can include intensive engagement with local stakeholders.

Business Intelligence Reports on key sector trends and topics

We aim to produce regular reports on the latest trends and behaviours within the industry, and to explore in depth using data the key topics and issues that exist within the sector.

Data and Insight

Capturing, sharing and analysing data can transform what we know and understand about our sector

Through the collection, manipulation and analysis of data, the ukactive Research Institute aims to provide comprehensive market insight and generate regular, up-to-date, Business Intelligence reports. We do this both at sector level, producing insight based on trends and patterns across the whole industry, and also at an organisational level, through working closely with individual members on their data and insight requirements.

Our team of data experts will provide advice and support on what a high-quality data set should look like, and how to extract crucial information from this to drive business performance. We can also design and implement additional quantitative and qualitative data collection processes to supplement existing data sets or gain further insight on particular areas of interest

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