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It is well documented that the UK is becoming a progressively older nation in both absolute and relative numbers, and this has profound implications for a number of key institutions that support our daily lives. Longer life expectancy is not by itself a problem. The problem is that the number of those years spent heavily dependent on others is not decreasing, in fact in some groups it may be increasing and this increases the need for health and social care.

Furthermore, this situation is compounded by the legacy of the Covid-19 pandemic and the impact of lockdown, where our wider health needs have been side-lined by the urgency to address this crisis, and a political climate where our leaders are still looking to answer the unreconciled issue of long-term social care provision.

It is clearly therefore a national priority to find solutions within society to increase the number and proportion of years that people live in good health. The case for this was made very effectively in the recent APPG Longevity report – Levelling Up Health – which championed a new Health Improvement Plan that places preventative measures at the heart of the solution.

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