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What does success look like?

What does success look like?

18 June 2014

Physical activity sector given chance to showcase programmes with positive health potential

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ukactive governance review enters formal consultation

11 June 2014

Evaluation process to be led by management experts, Portas Consulting

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Awkward marriage or golden opportunity?

27 May 2014

Tuesday 27th May, Cola-Cola Great Britain announced a national physical activity programme called Coca-Cola Zero ParkLives. At its heart, the programme is made up of a programme of free, fun activities in parks across the UK, delivered in partnership with local authorities. When our development director said we had the opportunity to work with Coke on a project where they were interested in promoting physical activity, my first instinct was to immediately question why, as the national not-for-profit health body of the physical activity sector, we’d want to work with a soft drinks manufacturer. Surely that would be a contradiction?

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ukactive & Matrix Flame Awards 2014: Shortlist Announced

22 May 2014

This year for the first time ever the Flame Finalist Shortlist has been announced LIVE by CEO David Stalker Thursday 22nd May during a ukactive webinar.

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