800 years and at last, the first ever Parliamentary Debate on physical inactivity takes place at Westminster Hall

18 November 2014

MP's gathered together this morning in Westminster Palace for a historic parliamentary debate on physical inactivity, spearheaded by Nick Smith, MP for Blaenau Gwent.


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Workforce development takes centre stage at ukactive Summit

14 November 2014

The ukactive National Summit today played host to a landmark debate around the role of workforce development in meeting the needs and requirements of a changing sector.


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ukactive ‘Generation Inactive’ session fuels ambition for change in activity policy

14 November 2014

ukactive's National Summit in central London on the 13th of November ushered in a mood of change for children's physical activity policy in the UK.


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Burnham puts ‘physical activity revolution’ at heart of Labour’s Election Manifesto

14 November 2014

Shadow Health Secretary Andy Burnham announced that a 'physical activity revolution' would be at the heart of the Labour Party's General Election manifesto on Thursday.


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Spending to fight physical inactivity nationwide doubles in a year

12 November 2014

Public health spending on England's 'inactivity epidemic' will double next year, says a report by not-for-profit health body, ukactive. Steps to solving inactivity also presents the findings of the largest review of physical activity programmes to date and says more needs to be done to capture and evaluate physical activity programme data.


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