Physical activity to be removed from Quality and Outcomes Framework

21 November 2013

ukactive agrees reform is needed but urges for greater integration of physical activity into care pathways

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Decline in children’s fitness down to sedentary behaviour, not just obesity

20 November 2013

Study finds children’s cardiovascular fitness is declining worldwide


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New research suggests rising physical inactivity in pre-teens is responsible for increased risk of heart conditions

19 November 2013

Rise in resting pulse rate of UK pre-teens un-associated with overall weight gain

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ukactive board of directors: Vote for your candidate

18 November 2013

There are three positions open on the ukactive board of directors, and members can now vote for their favourite. Voting closes on Friday 22nd November, so there are only a few days left to decide who will help shape the future of ukactive, and the sector, over the next few years.

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ukactive responds to Lords report on Olympic and Paralympic Legacy

18 November 2013

Select Committee’s ‘Keeping the flame alive’ report sets out strong recommendations to get Legacy of Games on track for success.

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