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One quarter of us have liver damage and experts warn dry January isn't enough to undo the damage

02 January 2013

According to research conducted by the British Liver Trust, 28 per cent of people they tested were showing the early signs of liver damage.

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NHS Commissioning Board plans 2013/2014

NHS Commissioning Board plans 2013/2014

19 December 2012

Published 18th December 2012, Everyone Counts: Planning for Patients 2013/2014 outlines how services will be improved from April 2013.

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Places for People acquire DC Leisure

13 December 2012

Property management and development group Places for People has acquired DC Leisure, a leading leisure management contractor that manages about 100 leisure facilities on behalf of 28 local authorities.


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A corporate perspective on health at work

A corporate perspective on health at work

12 December 2012

On December 4th ukactive hosted its latest Vanguard focus group, Health at Work- A Corporate Perspective. Speakers from Glaxo Smith Klein, Unilever, Morrison's and BP presented their own programmes to get more people, more active, and discussed how the Vanguard group can support employers to get their staff moving.

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ukactive member launches gym etiquette guide

11 December 2012

ukactive members Nuffield Health have launched a campaign to build awareness of gym etiquette, producing the Guide to Fitness Etiquette in response to what they believe to be low standards of hygiene in communal fitness areas.

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