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ukactive newsletter: December 2012-January 2013

09 January 2013

Together: ukactive newsletter from December 2012-January 2013

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Sh'Bam and Ugi workouts tipped to be 2013's new fitness craze

08 January 2013

Sh'Bam and Ugi are tipped to be among the most popular fitness crazed of 2013

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London 2012 inspires school children.

08 January 2013

According to a survey conducted by the United Learning Group, over half of the children in academies are doing extra sport after being inspired by the Olympics.

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We must exercise extreme caution when linking physical activity participation with welfare payments

03 January 2013

Today's media reports that a London council is considering whether to link exercise on prescription at its leisure centres to welfare payments, as one of a number of recommendations in a report published in conjunction with the Local Government Information Unit.

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Consumer's avoid specialist 'diet' foods and opt for healthier lifestyles

03 January 2013

People are avoiding specialist ‘diet' ranges and are instead focusing on exercise, choosing smaller portions and eating naturally healthy foods.

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